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English Romanticism

A web site for discussion of the various influences on the English Romantic Movement

Presented by Elizabeth Whitney
and as represented in:
The Engines of Our Ingenuity

Welcome to my page on English Romanticism! First, let me introduce myself....My name is Elizabeth Whitney. I am a graduate student in the English Department at the University of Houston. I am pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Literature, focussing on Nineteenth Century British Literature. I was given the opportunity to work with Dr. John Lienhard, a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UH, during Spring 1999 as a Teaching Assistant for his undergraduate class on Technology and Western Culture. Outside the classroom, Dr. Lienhard maintains a wonderful web site entitled The Engines of Our Ingenuity in which he catalogues the radio addresses he presents centered around technology and the people who have influenced the advancement of technical fields. Dr. Lienhard has asked me to put together a web site which focuses on the major players and ideas behind the English Romantic Movement. Throughout this site you will find material plucked from my own thoughts on the subject as well as cited material from critics and historians which I find interesting. My purpose is to present a rounded view of Romanticism, taking into account not only the literature of the movement, but artists of all kinds including visual artists, architects, scientists, technologists, philosophers, and key political figures. As I am a student of literature, this endeavor has been and continues to be a grand learning experience for me. Also, as my background is centered primarily around literature, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have on the material presented or possible additions. Please e-mail me at ewhitney [at] (ewhitney[at]bayou[dot]uh[dot]edu) with any requests or comments.

Revised - February 7, 2000