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Web Site Contributors


More Recent Essayists:

The vast majority of the scripts were by John Lienhard during the first two decades of the program. More recently, scores of other people have contributed to this series, widening the scope of the program. A complete list of the other essayists may be found at

Other Contributors:

Any attempt to list all the people who have contributed to the labor of developing scripts would be hopeless because the extent of good will on the part of friends and listeners has been so great. But a few general statements are in order.

John Lienhard needs to thank Carol Lienhard who has critically read almost every episode with a fine ear for what will work and what will not. She has also provided a vast effort in locating material. Most of this help is unacknowledged in the scripts.

Countless colleagues at the University of Houston have contributed helpful criticism and ideas. Only some of this is acknowledged in the scripts. Listeners provide a steady flow of interaction and commentary — more than is possible to cope with adequately or to acknowledge properly. However, it has always exerted a formative, if indirect, influence on the series.

Finally, the extensive contributions of ideas, sources, graphics, and other substantive material by members of the University of Houston Libraries are gratefully noted within individual episodes. But, beyond that, many members of the Library have generously read scripts critically and contributed widely varied expertise. Only a fraction of that effort is properly acknowledged in the scripts.

Three KUHF people deserve special mention: John Proffitt, now retired head of KUHF-FM radio, encouraged the program from its inception. Capella Tucker, retired Station Director, was first associated with Engines as its sound engineer and then as its manager. And Paul Pendergraft, former KUHF manager of the Enginesprogram and a key player who kept the program running smoothly, day by day. Paul's talent and ongoing passion for Engines can still be enjoyed as announcer.

ENGINES  on the Internet

Initial Website Development

  • Dr. John E. “Jeff” Fadell: Edited all text material through Episode 1802. Information Services Department, UH Libraries.
  • Greg Jonason: Original audio conversion and installation, Digital media Developer, Technology Support Services, UH.
  • Georgette Michko: Additional contributions to initial Audio installation, Streaming Media Project Leader, UH.
  • Rob Spragg: First version of web design (1997), Systems Department, UH Libraries.
  • Jeanne Newlon: Original Logo and other graphics design (1997), formerly Information Services Dept., UH Libraries.
  • Julie Grob: Images of materials from Special Collections, UH Libraries (1997).
  • Mustafa Hashmi: Original HTML markup of all episodes through the mid 1200s (1997), former student: UH Computer Science Department.

Other Past Contributors

  • Valerie Lawhorn: Web maintenance, design, and ongoing markup, Web News Editor until 2017 for KUHF Houston Public Radio.
  • Patrick Hoyt: Substantial additional web design and consultation. Until February, 2012, Webmaster for KUHF Houston Public Radio.
  • Matthew Prendergast: Through mid 2018, web maintenance, design, and ongoing markup, web developer for Houston Public Media.

Sustaining the Original Website

  • Andrew Lienhard: Additional web design and consultation. Andrew also created the various musical themes for the program.
  • John Lienhard: Ongoing web maintenance, photography and other images.
  • Mark DiClaudio: Production, web maintenance, and ongoing markup, Manager, Media Productions for Houston Public Media.

Creators of the New College of Engineering Engines Website

  • Harriet Yim: She designed and developed the new website. She also led the web team who migrated all episodes and other content from the old website to the new one. Web Project Manager, University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering.
  • Albert Chan: He migrated episodes and other content from the old website to the new one. Web Developer, University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering.
  • Mark Rustad: He migrated episodes from the old website to the new one during 2022 and ‘23. Web Developer, University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering.
  • Kaitlyn Adams: She migrated episodes from the old website to the new one during 2020, ‘21, and ‘22.