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We hope you enjoy this enhanced CD, which adds full text and pictures to the experience of listening to the album. Structures is one of a series of disks produced by KUHF-Houston Public Radio. The Engines of Our Ingenuity, created by Dr. John Lienhard, is a short daily program available to radio stations for rebroadcast upon request. You can read and hear more here. Permission for any use in an academic context is explicitly granted and encouraged.

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John Lienhard: creative concept and most of the text,
Roger Kaza: author (track 4) "Unfrozen Music",
Kreso Josic: author (track 6), "Crystals",
Andy Boyd: author (track 8), "Data"

Andrew Lienhard: composer, piano, electronics, music production
Patti Wolf: piano (track 4)
Erich Avinger: guitar (tracks 5, 8 and 9)
Ferenc Illenyi: violin (track 8)
John Duboise: clarinet (track 7)

Henry Hunt: Graphic Design and Packaging
Patrick Hoyt: Enhanced CD presentation
Valerie Lawhorn: Editorial Assistance
Todd Hulslander: Recording Engineer
Capella Tucker: Executive Producer